Excellent Small Bedroom Color Ideas

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The bedroom is the usual privacy areas we use as a resting place, hence the comfort factor is one of the things that is very important, so it is no wonder many people who took out a large Fund to facilitate their bedroom to be more comfortable in the room, but how would it be if the room has a small size, so on this occasion we will raise the topic of how to decorate the bedroom to make it look more spacious is narrow so you don't feel suffocating when it was in it.

In designing the narrow bedroom we had to really maximize the room both in terms of a place or a wall paint color selection is correct, then how do I design a narrow bedroom spaces correctly, here is his ways.

Narrow Size Room Design Tips
The first course is by removing the items that indeed are rarely in use needs and indeed too eating places.

Next up is by making use of every space in the corner of your room as a means of storage, suppose the space under the bed that we can use as a place to store items or more.

The color pattern of the game still is important, choose a color that gives the impression of a bright or soft, if you want to combine with the other colors you should not too incorporate color so the more make your room feel more cramped.

The selection of furniture could be one of the keys to success in designing rooms with small size, choose furniture that has a size corresponding to the size of your room, as a substitute for storage you can use the model hanging shelves, in addition can make a beautiful model storage alternatives can we also make decorative as a medium in our bedroom look more beautiful.

For the size of the window you should choose the size large Windows so that any incoming light that will be a lot more, and this is great for good health as the killer bacteria as well as for air circulation so fresh.
That's the last several tips that we can make a reference in decorating a living room with its small size, the next fresshoz.com will provide an example of image/photo decor bedroom size narrow.

beautiful-bedroom-with-white-bed-combine-trundle-and-black-blanket-plus-pillow-together-drum-pendant-light-plus-round-nightstand-as-well-as-white-bulb-table-lamp-modern-style [small] [medium] [large] [full]

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classic-small-bedroom-ideas-along-with-two-door-headboard-design-and-white-fabric-bes-sheet-and-pillow-plus-round-classic-nightstand-white-top-as-well-as-classic-wood-chair-iron-frame [small] [medium] [large] [full]

cool-bedroom-design-small-space-along-with-white-wood-bed-and-white-fabric-bed-sheet-also-pillow-and-classic-nightstand-with-drawer [small] [medium] [large] [full]

excellent-small-bedroom-ideas-come-with-white-closet-design-and-brown-floral-pattern-area-rug-also-brown-wood-bed-plus-brown-bed-sheet-as-well-as-floor-lamp-plus-cream-wall-painted [small] [medium] [large] [full]

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Bedroom : awesome-maple-wood-bed-with-three-white-stained-drawer-and-wood-desk-plus-laminated-wood-study-chair-chrome-base-as-well-as-wall-mount-white-bookshelves-and-white-rug-floor - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : beautiful-bedroom-with-white-bed-combine-trundle-and-black-blanket-plus-pillow-together-drum-pendant-light-plus-round-nightstand-as-well-as-white-bulb-table-lamp-modern-style - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : brown-bedroom-color-ideas-with-white-stained-wood-bed-combine-trundle-plus-brown-bed-or-pillow-also-white-study-desk-as-well-as-modern-white-study-chair - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : classic-small-bedroom-ideas-along-with-two-door-headboard-design-and-white-fabric-bes-sheet-and-pillow-plus-round-classic-nightstand-white-top-as-well-as-classic-wood-chair-iron-frame - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : cool-bedroom-design-small-space-along-with-white-wood-bed-and-white-fabric-bed-sheet-also-pillow-and-classic-nightstand-with-drawer - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : excellent-small-bedroom-ideas-come-with-white-closet-design-and-brown-floral-pattern-area-rug-also-brown-wood-bed-plus-brown-bed-sheet-as-well-as-floor-lamp-plus-cream-wall-painted - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : small-bedroom-design-ideas-come-with-white-bed-sheet-and-pillow-also-horse-sculpture-together-brown-fabric-curtain-as-well-as-chandelier-plus-varnished-wooden-dresser - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : white-bedroom-small-space-together-with-leather-bench-and-leopard-pattern-rug-floor-also-white-tufted-headboard-plus-white-fabric-curtain - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : adorable-white-lacquer-bed-with-trundle-design-plus-blue-striped-blanket-plus-white-fabric-curtain-and-grey-wood-nightstand-as-well-as-white-iron-pendant-lamp - Excellent Small Bedroom Color IdeasBedroom : awesome-green-small-bedroom-ideas-come-with-modern-murphy-bed-and-green-pillow-plus-white-study-desk-combine-green-plastic-study-chair-steel-legs-in-chrome-plus-laminated-wood-floor - Excellent Small Bedroom Color Ideas